Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thessalonians: Key Words and Study Tips

Key Words write these down in your bible, mark 'em up, so you don't forget them and they start to pop out at you.
any reference to Jesus
Holy Spirit
day of the Lord
-any other words you think are key

Recapitulation: Observe/Interpret/Apply - see below blog for detailed approach.

Observe the 5 W's Who wrote to whom? When? From where to where? What is being said? Why is the letter written, or is Paul saying what he says?
Interpret - derive meaning of passages based on context of the chapter/bible/history/society
Apply - Transfer principles to our lives today based on our interpretation.

Some Helpful questions to double check along the way:

a. Where does this passage fit into the Meta-narrative?

b. What is its immediate context?

c. What is the genre of this passage/book?

d. What was the intended meaning of this passage to its original audience? (A text can’t mean what it never meant?

e. How does this passage point to or enlighten our understanding of Jesus?

f. What are the transferable principles for our context today?

g. Are there any biblical principles that shed light on this passage?

h. How does this challenge me personally? What course correction should I make? How should this change how I get up in the morning? What would align my life more with Jesus?

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