Friday, October 26, 2007

Hypocrisy Halloween Dress-up Night

This Tuesday we'll be having a hypocrisy party. Come to SCF with an identity prepared and an outfit that suits it. The game is to figure out who's who.

For example:

Dress up with white hair wig and big white mustach in a white lab coat and pencil. People will probably guess you are Einstein if you speak with a German accent. The fun is that you should add a twist. Einstein, recovering from acoma and is trying to remember his past inventions.

Dress up in yellow and walk around stiffly. You could be a man who believes he's a banana and wants others to peel him.

Anything goes. The sillier you make it, the more fun and challenging it will be. Instructions for the night will be given out as you arrive.

After the game we'll be discussing how Jesus views living in pretence, acting, pretending to be someone you are not. Jesus hated this, let's see if we can get inside his head.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reading Week Update

There will be no SCF this week, either on Tuesday or Thursday nights. The leads are planning a social event for the weekend which will involve food and either a movie or bowling. One idea being thrown around is to watch "Reign Over Me" in the B wing halls, with a projector and eat pizza.
Keep checking the blog for updates.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Reading Week

This Tuesday will be an informal night of games, snacks and maybe movies. Updates will be posted here and sent to your emails about specifics. Likely we'll meet same time, same place (tuesday, 6:30 in C207).

Friday, October 19, 2007

Small group update: Faith & Art

The SCF sponsored small group still meets Thursday's in C209 at 6:30. The next get together will be after the reading week on Nov. 1st. The group will discuss how you can intergrate your creative art skills with your Church community.

This Thursday we talked about creating original artwork and being confident. We compared the way a child invisions the world and acts without inhibitions to the way we should live as artists. Jesus touched on this in various teachings about being like a child to become part of God's Kingdom. Jesus also taught that he can work through our weaknesses, and when we can't do something it opens up opportunites for Jesus to show his creativity and character through us.

A little interesting quote that came up, which caught my attention was by C.S. Lewis, who in short said, "Don't try to be original, rather try to express truth and you will be original without even noticing."

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Weekly Review

This Tuesday we compared the three miracles of Jesus in Luke 5. In every miraculous deed Jesus wanted to attach a meaning about life lived under the God's power and love. When Jesus filled the nets with fish he wanted to teach his disciples that working to get fish out of water would be replaced by working to get people into God's Kingdom. When Jesus healed the man with skin disease he showed his disciples that the outcasts and unclean people would join God's community because Jesus could make them clean. Jesus' third miracle, he showed his disciples that the spirit of a man is more important than his body, because Jesus claimed to forgive the man's wrongdoings and proved it by fixing his body. We concluded that an ACTION or event can be LITERALLY true but also a SYMBOL of something else. Jesus uses physical, visible and literal acts to demonstrate the validity of his claims of authority over the spiritual, invisible and symoblic/metaphysical world.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Is Jesus for real?

This Tuesday, we will be discussing the stories about Jesus in the good news of Luke, specifically Ch 5, verses 1-26. There are three stories where Jesus is told to have done some superhuman things: cause a massive amount of fish to be caught, heal a diseased man from leprosy and restore the function of a man's paralysed legs. Was the author conveying figurative or literal actions of him whom he deemed the "messiah."

We'll kick the night off with a game, and there will be snacks as usual. C207 @ 6:30pm.

Friday, October 12, 2007


The blogspot is now resurfacing from stagnation! SCF meets on Tuesdays now in Room 207 (two doors down from previous meeting room). We begin at 6:30pm and always provide snacks and discussions.

This week we looked at Jesus' first day in ministry; his first day on the job so to speak. We investigated who he talked to, what he did, and how his audience responded, according to Luke 4. As it turns out he wasn't very well recieved by his hometown who tried to kill him. Jesus ruffled a lot of feathers the way he spoke about God's Kingdom, which, to the Jews, was the equivalent of a Jewish Kingdom. He said the Kingdom would made up of people like Romans who already had a vast empire and that God's kingdom would be about freeing humans from disease, demons, and helping those who are neglected. Jesus was fighting the Kingdom of Satan, not the Romans. But as we now know, the Roman Kingdom fell and was replaced by the Church of Jesus Christ.

Tune in to this blogspot to find out what's going on next week, and reading week and how are small groups are going.

If you want to start a SMALL GROUP, leave a comment or email about your idea.