Thursday, October 18, 2007

Weekly Review

This Tuesday we compared the three miracles of Jesus in Luke 5. In every miraculous deed Jesus wanted to attach a meaning about life lived under the God's power and love. When Jesus filled the nets with fish he wanted to teach his disciples that working to get fish out of water would be replaced by working to get people into God's Kingdom. When Jesus healed the man with skin disease he showed his disciples that the outcasts and unclean people would join God's community because Jesus could make them clean. Jesus' third miracle, he showed his disciples that the spirit of a man is more important than his body, because Jesus claimed to forgive the man's wrongdoings and proved it by fixing his body. We concluded that an ACTION or event can be LITERALLY true but also a SYMBOL of something else. Jesus uses physical, visible and literal acts to demonstrate the validity of his claims of authority over the spiritual, invisible and symoblic/metaphysical world.

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