Friday, October 19, 2007

Small group update: Faith & Art

The SCF sponsored small group still meets Thursday's in C209 at 6:30. The next get together will be after the reading week on Nov. 1st. The group will discuss how you can intergrate your creative art skills with your Church community.

This Thursday we talked about creating original artwork and being confident. We compared the way a child invisions the world and acts without inhibitions to the way we should live as artists. Jesus touched on this in various teachings about being like a child to become part of God's Kingdom. Jesus also taught that he can work through our weaknesses, and when we can't do something it opens up opportunites for Jesus to show his creativity and character through us.

A little interesting quote that came up, which caught my attention was by C.S. Lewis, who in short said, "Don't try to be original, rather try to express truth and you will be original without even noticing."

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