Friday, October 12, 2007


The blogspot is now resurfacing from stagnation! SCF meets on Tuesdays now in Room 207 (two doors down from previous meeting room). We begin at 6:30pm and always provide snacks and discussions.

This week we looked at Jesus' first day in ministry; his first day on the job so to speak. We investigated who he talked to, what he did, and how his audience responded, according to Luke 4. As it turns out he wasn't very well recieved by his hometown who tried to kill him. Jesus ruffled a lot of feathers the way he spoke about God's Kingdom, which, to the Jews, was the equivalent of a Jewish Kingdom. He said the Kingdom would made up of people like Romans who already had a vast empire and that God's kingdom would be about freeing humans from disease, demons, and helping those who are neglected. Jesus was fighting the Kingdom of Satan, not the Romans. But as we now know, the Roman Kingdom fell and was replaced by the Church of Jesus Christ.

Tune in to this blogspot to find out what's going on next week, and reading week and how are small groups are going.

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