Monday, November 19, 2007

Murder in our College

Jesus Christ provided his students with a principle on murder in the gospel of Matthew. We commit murder when we harbour anger and contempt towards others in a way that pushes them outside our reach of love. In this way we treat those as if they were dead and in essence murder them to ourselves.

How can we, who are learning from Jesus, pinpoint our own actions of murder and reverse the cycle of death and start actively bringing life to those who we neglect and perhaps are neglected by a larger portion of our society?

Luke 10: 25-37 Jesus tells a story about the moral upstanding conservatives who neglect the pain and suffering of a Jewish man, who in this story is laying on the road, inflicted with physical wounds. These men exemplify what it is like not to love their neighbours. However, the Jewish man is rescued, but by a Samaritan (a half-jew, held in contempt by most Jews, who would likely reciprocate that attitude).

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