Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Responding to the End of Religion

About 60-70 Sheridan students came out to listen to Bruxy Cavey's talk about "The END of RELIGION." this past Tuesday night. SCF is happy to have had the priviledge to host an event to listen and discuss the irreligious message of Jesus Christ.

For those who didn't get a chance to come out, or need a recap, Bruxy introduced the idea that the written and accounted message and life of Jesus was counter-institutional and COUNTER-RELIGIOUS. Jesus taught an approach to life with God that didn't involve rules and law to be our guide. It is guided by a love and relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

A video and audio recording was made and can be gotten upon request: it will be ready in December.

Sheridan's Christian group on campus (SCF) will be doing a FOLLOWUP to discuss points raised in Bruxy's talk and his book. Everyone is welcome. Every Tuesday, 6:30pm in C209.

Bruxy will be starting a series of talks called, "THE GOD DEBATE" this Sunday, which will continue over the course of the next five weeks. You can check out this website for details regarding his series- http://www.themeetinghouse.ca -and to check out other series that he mentioned during his talk this Tuesday - "When Darkness Falls" (on the history of the Church) and "The Irreligious Christ." The website will have info on Location, Times and anything else.

Any QUESTIONS can be left here at this blogspot - or emailed to us: scfoncampus@gmail.com

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